About Us

We make food that is healthy, convenient and inspiring. Let us save you time by allowing us to bring you a fresh and delicious meal, hand-made just for you.

Seasonality Drives Our Menus

We work closely with local farmers and suppliers to find the best local ingredients to create our menu each week. Everything we sell is made in-house, from scratch, from whole foods, and using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible. We offer a changing seasonal menu every week featuring daily specials and highlighting the best available local produce.

Creating a fresh menu every week allows us to use ingredients that are produced for flavor and harvested at their prime. These locally sourced products therefore are not transported long distances or held in storage for long periods of time, which leads to a fresher, healthier, better tasting meal. When needed we use quality ingredients from outside our local network to supplement our menu, in particular during the colder months when local fresh produce is limited. Expect more salads and lighter dishes in the spring and summer and heartier dishes in the fall through winter.

Chilled for Freshness

All our food is delivered chilled. This allows us to maximize freshness and provides you flexibility in deciding when to enjoy our meals. All meals that are designed to be enjoyed hot can be easily heated in a microwave or in an oven.

Our meals, and in particular our daily specials, are perfect for take home dinners.

What Inspires Us to Eat Local?

We believe there are massive benefits for the individual and broader community to reconnecting with and redeveloping our local food economy. We believe it is absolutely essential to invest in networks that allow us to eat seasonal food, produced in an ethical way, by producers who value the planet and their workers equally. By eating food produced for the local market we can create local job opportunities, reduce the environmental impact of transportation of goods, rebuild and strengthen our relationship with the seasons, and reignite the bond that we have had with nature throughout human history. We aim to connect fantastic local ingredients with people hungry for something fresh and delicious in a crowded market by offering delicious, green friendly meals with a convenient delivery service.

Food Company, Not a Tech Company

We own and are responsible for the complete process of delivering you a quality product. From securing fantastic ingredients and creating delicious meals to delivering your order to you in a timely fashion. We take responsibility for it all, the buck stops with us.

We believe that technology can provide a seamless way for us to deliver delicious meals directly to you. We are, however, primarily a food company with a drive to source amazing ingredients with which to craft delicious healthy meals just for you. The technology provides the platform we provide the passion.

Green, Friendly, & Different Meal Deliveries


We aim to use packaging that is environmentally friendly as much as we can and we ask that our customers recycle or reuse containers when they can.


We are a friendly company and believe in excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


At Green City Kitchen we do things differently; A changing menu every week with new specials every day, Support for local farmers and suppliers, Chilled meals that can be enjoyed anytime.